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Stockholm is the epicenter of the Scandinavian film industry and home base to most film professionals in Sweden. A strong international film offering combined with a wide industry network has made the city a natural a meeting place for the entire Swedish film industry. The Film & TV industry is one of the largest industry categories within the Creative & Cultural industries in Stockholm. According to the latest data that was measured in 2019, the industry had a total revenue of over 34.2 Billion SEK. Since 2010, the industry’s revenue has grown 28 % and only between 2018 and 2019 the revenue increased 8 %.

The film industry is a central part of the Creative & Cultural industries, at is has close ties to many of the other industry groups and categories. As audiovisual experiences are becoming the norm in many medias, and finding its way into more and more industries, the expertize and exchange with the film industry are becoming increasingly important for many nearby industries.


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